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Displaying surprisingly high sales, Jeep Liberty is quickly becoming one of the favorites among the Jeep's Family. Toledo North, the plant that produces 300,000 vehicles per year reported 225,250 Jeeps sold in 2006. Featuring a kinetic system, this 4X4 Jeep comes with the new NSG 370 six-speed manual transmission instead of the traditional five-speed manual transmission characteristic of previous models.

Liberty is the evolution of Jeep Cherokee, the name that still identifies the vehicle outside the United States . Available in two different trims, Jeep Sport and Jeep Limited, Jeep Liberty is powered by Chrysler's diesel engine will be available on both Sport and Limited models with a Chrysler heavy-duty 545RFE engine with these characteristics:

  1. Gas Mileage, city/highway EPA, 2.4 four-cylinder
  2. Manual transmission, 21/26 2WD, 20/24 4WD
  3. 3.7 V6, six-speed manual 18/22, and five-speed automatic 17/22
  4. Estimated diesel combustion at 21/27 with five-speed automatic

Jeep Liberty is a 5000 lbs. vehicle with link-coil rear suspension and coil spring independent front suspension that also offers unusual features, such as a large variety of four-wheel drive options, taller grille, and flatter hood.

About Liberty 's off-road performance, an engineer at the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) said “The ball joint specifications were changed; the durability cycles were changed, as well as the loading factors, all downwards from standard JTE specs. This was to follow a directive to reduce cost of SUV parts, because, as so many people have noted here, SUVs are not used off-road generally".

However, the brake system is reliable for off-road traveling, tested in the desert of Death Valley , California , and these are their specs:

  • Brakes front sizes and type 11.3 x 1.1 (288 x 28)-vented disc with 2.6-(66) single-piston caliper
  • Swept area 228 sq. in. (1471 sq. cm)
  • Brakes rear sizes and type 11.2 x 0.47 (284 x 12) solid disc with 1.89 (48) single-piston caliper
  • Swept area 109 sq. in. (703 sq. cm)
  • Power-assist type Tandem diaphrag-. vacuum assist
  • ABS type (optional), three-channel ABS featuring electronically variable brake proportioning at 4 low mode calibration

Front suspension includes upper and lower A-arms, gas-charged shock absorbers, coil springs, and stabilizer bar. Rear suspension features trailing upper A-arm, dual trailing lower arms, coil springs, live axle, gas-charged shock absorbers, and stabilizer bar.

Jeep Liberty's chassis body layout has a longitudinal front engine, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, either part-time or full-time. All trims include emission controls with oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, and onboard vapor recovery system and leak detection pump system.

Axle and suspension road noise is reduced with plastic lower spring seat and rubber upper isolators Axle ratios range as follow:

  • 2.4-liter I-4 4.1
  • 3.7-liter V-6 Manual 3.55
  • 3.7-liter V-6 Auto 3.73
  • 2.8-liter Diesel Manual 3.55
  • 2.8-liter Diesel Auto 3.73

The Liberty comes with a 136-amp alternator in the Sport and Limited Edition trims and 160-amp alternator for the Renegade, empowering the electrical system with a 600-amp battery.

In the United States, Jeep Liberty has been manufactured in Ohio at the Toledo North Assembly Plant (TNAP) employing up to 1,900 workers to assembly 800 units per day. Interior space and accommodations in this vehicle have been improved with F/R 2/3 seating capacity and the following overall specs:

Vehicle's Front:

  • Head room 40.7 (1034)
  • Leg room 40.8 (1036)
  • Hip room 57.0 (1448)
  • Shoulder room 56.5 (1435)
  • Recliner range 53º
  • SAE volume 54.4 cu. ft. (1.54 cu. m)
  • Seat travel 8.5 (216) horizontal, 1.5 (38) vertical with optional power height adjuster

Vehicle's Rear

  • Head room 42.1 (1069)
  • Hip room 47.4 (1204)
  • Leg room 37.2 (945)
  • Knee clearance 1.4 (36)
  • Shoulder room 56.5 (1435)
  • SAE volume 49.3 cu. ft. (1.4 cu. m)
  • Load capacity 400 lbs. (181 kg)

No other Jeep other than Liberty has a “uniframe” construction guaranteeing durability of its body-on-frame rigid construction with 70% of underbody steel. All Jeep Liberty's trims come equipped with standard sport wheel with the following specs:

  • Standard Sport type wheels and material, stamped-steel size 16 x 7
  • Standard Renegade type wheels and material, cast-aluminum size 16 x 7
  • Standard Limited Edition type wheels and material, cast-aluminum size 17 x 7.5
  • Standard Sport tires size and type, P215/75R16 all-terrain
  • Manufacturer and model, Goodyear Wrangler ST
  • Revolutions per mile, 732

Standard Renegade tires size and type; P225/75R16 (option for Sport and Limited Edition)

  • Manufacturer and Model Goodyear Wrangler ST
  • Revolutions per mile, 715

Standard Limited Edition tires size and type, P235/65R17

  • Manufacturer and Model Wrangler HP
  • Revolutions per Mile 723

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